Crowd Management at Events: Best Practices & Techniques
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Crowd Management at Events: Best Practices & Techniques

While events like concerts, conferences, and festivals offer enrichment, entertainment, and fulfillment, they certainly pose some security risks. Even relatively safe and low-risk events still need to be planned well to ensure the safety of those in attendance and employees working at the event.

In large crowds, minor issues can lead to severe problems. For example, a medical situation can be extremely dangerous if the person can’t escape the crowd. There are also more extreme cases where people can get stuck or even trampled.

So, it’s vital to take steps to ensure best practices for crowd management at any large event. Learn some practical techniques in this guide from Unparalleled Security.

The Importance of Risk Assessment in Event Security Planning

The first step in crowd management for events is creating a risk assessment document. You want to sit down with any organizers of the event and determine potential safety and security risks and what can be done to mitigate them.

Some events, like a local farmers market, are lower risk. While others, like a huge concert, have much higher risks. However, all bigger events require some planning for crowd management.

You should list all the potential risks and determine how likely these problems are to occur. You should then come up with plans and protocols to address each situation.

Choosing the Right Security Company: Factors to Consider for Event Protection

One of the most important things to do when planning crowd management for an event is to choose a reliable security company. Most events require some level of security personnel, and the more risks that are present, the more security personnel should be on site.

Some of the factors to consider for crowd management at events include:

  • How many people will be in attendance

  • Where the entrances and exists be, and if they will be monitored

  • If bags will be searched

  • Where will medical services be offered

  • If the parking lots and garages will need security

An experienced security company can help you answer these questions and determine the best course of action to lessen security and safety risks.

Work with Crowd Management & Event Security Professionals

At Unparalleled Security, we have extensive experience working events in the St. Paul area. Our trained professionals are ready to be on-site for all kinds of events, and we also offer protection for VIPs.

Call today at 651-300-1515 to learn more about crowd management and event security.

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