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  • Security services for executive protection
  • Certified armed bodyguards serving the Twin Cities
  • Strict on accountability and hospitality
  • Available for short or long-term contracts

Whether you’re transporting something valuable, feel like you’re being followed, or need covert protection for a public figure, our highly trained and discreet bodyguards are available for temporary and permanent assignments in the Twin Cities metro area. Based in Minneapolis, Unparalleled Security is your source for executive protection with a suit-and-tie approach.

Get Executive Security Services From Your Local Experts

If someone is being targeted due to their high net worth, elevated status, or even a case of “cancel culture,” a security intervention is often the best solution. At Unparalleled Security, we always assume the risk is real and do whatever it takes to prevent an attack.

We understand the need for executive protection is complex and vast, and we’re ready to assist anyone needing personal security, from CEOs, celebrities, and VIPs to blue-collar individuals and their families. No matter who we are protecting, our bodyguards deliver 100% confidentiality, comprehensive surveillance, and accommodating security services.

Armed & Unarmed Security Options

Executive protection requires advanced commitment. Unparalleled Security holds the required protective agent license through the State of Minnesota, and our bodyguards have extensive training and certifications.

All staff have passed FBI fingerprinting and background checks. Armed guards earn all state certifications for a license to carry and receive armed security training on a continuous basis.

Our Approach

Before Unparalleled Security, our company spent over a decade establishing the best valet parking business in the Twin Cities, so we’re no strangers to exceptional customer service – we live up to our name every time we step into the ring. Our hospitality focus and polished appearance are just a couple of examples of our core values at work.

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