Get Unparalleled Security Services in the Twin Cities

  • Professional security services tailored to your needs
  • Experienced armed or unarmed security guards
  • Strict on accountability and suit-and-tie hospitality
  • Available for short or long term, plus valet services

Building Security

Secure your apartment complex, office, or any other building with lobby security and other critical protective measures. When you choose our experienced and discreet team, we customize the level of security we provide based on your building’s particular needs.

Commercial Security

If you run a business, you don’t have time to worry about security threats daily – leave it to our experts! Unparalleled Security’s commercial security services cover a wide range of safety and security concerns, from employee and customer wellbeing to 24/7 monitoring for suspicious activity.

Construction Site Security

Materials, tools, equipment – there are many reasons why construction sites require protection, especially in a metropolitan area. Construction and emergencies also can go hand in hand, but with professional security services as your support day or night, your site will be much less vulnerable to theft, damage, or other significant losses.

Event Security

A good event planner knows that adequate security is what allows people to enjoy a concert, private party, wedding, or other big night out. In the Twin Cities, we have exciting events happening every single week, and we also have crime levels you’d expect for a large metropolitan area – levels that often go up when more people are out and about.

Let us help your guests, staff, and VIPs feel at ease knowing our security guards have eyes on every aspect of your event. Our highly trained and certified armed and unarmed officers are ready to ensure the safety and security of everyone present.

Hospital Security

At a time when healthcare workers need all the support they can get, it is our honor to bring unparalleled hospitality to our hospital security services. Our courteous, highly trained security guards can patrol the facility and its grounds, offer access control, handle disturbances, and perform any other duties required to ensure the safety of patients, staff, visitors, and hospital property.

You can feel confident that our services are 100% discreet for environments like these that require a high level of privacy. We are experienced in protecting high-level executives and always safeguard your confidential information.

Hotel Security

The best thing you can provide hotel guests is a secure place to stay. With guest-focused security guards providing peace of mind simply by being present (and patrolling the entire grounds), Unparalleled Security helps hotels maintain order, prevent hazards, and solve problems before they happen. You can even count on us for hotel valet services!

Industrial Security

Safety is the key to keeping operations running smoothly in any industrial setting, and there is no safety without security. Unparalleled Security offers industrial security services that prevent distractions and unwanted activities from impacting your business daily.

From short-term contracts to years-long assignments and small facilities to large corporations, no industrial environment is outside our scope of capabilities.

Mall Security

Whether you’re looking for a few security guards for a small strip mall or an entire crew for a mega shopping center, our highly trained team offers mall security solutions tailored to your requirements. We take loss prevention seriously, and it’s just the start of what we can provide to benefit the businesses, employees, and customers.

Patrol Services

With vehicle patrol services from Unparalleled Security, you'll get ongoing protection from highly trained security guards. Our (armed or unarmed) guards can provide parking lot control, vehicle patrol services, parking garage security, and more.

Place of Worship Security

It used to be that places of worship felt safe from the moment you entered – and it still can feel that way when you partner with our security experts. Unparalleled Security holds strict standards and practices response training for all types of incidents, so no one has to be concerned about safety in a church, mosque, or other religious building.

Vacant Property Security

Prevention is critical when it comes to vacant property security. Book our experienced security guards to identify and protect the vulnerable areas of your vacant property, so you never have to worry about trespassers, vandalism, or damage.

Residential Security

Professional security services keep unwanted intruders out and the residents inside safe and comfortable. Give your household, apartment building, condos, co-op, multi-family housing, or other residential property the calm and happy environment that comes with uncompromising security services.

Retail Security

Counting on retail employees for loss prevention, access control, and other security concerns on top of their regular duties often proves to be much too demanding – shoplifting is one of the most prevalent crimes in the U.S. Whether you own a small storefront or large retail center, letting your team focus on sales while we handle your retail security needs could provide the boost you need to your bottom line!

School Security

Of all the things a parent, teacher, or child needs to worry about, school safety shouldn’t be on the list, but we all know why it is. And it is a reality we must take rigid measures to control, because what is more important than the safety of school children?

When our security guards are protecting a school, everyone feels more at ease and able to focus on learning and connection – exactly as it should be.

Security Guards

From properties and events to personal security and short-term gigs to long-term contracts, Unparalleled Security guards are available to book for assignments in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities area. Whether you require armed security guards or would prefer unarmed officers, our team is highly trained, experienced, and holds the required licenses and certifications.

Above all, we value an approach to security that makes everyone we interact with feel comfortable, safe, and catered to.

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