Book Unparalleled Security for Your Wedding Day

  • Wedding security services tailored to your event
  • Highly trained armed or unarmed security guards
  • Suit-and-tie approach with a focus on hospitality
  • Available in the Twin Cities area, plus valet services

When it comes to wedding security services, you want the utmost protection. All you and your guests want is to revel in the ceremony and then dance the night away, and you can’t do that without feeling safe and secure. Presentation also matters in a wedding security guard. When you’ve invested so much time and energy into that picture perfect, once in a lifetime event, you want staff with the polish to fit right into it.

Unparalleled Security is proud to offer wedding security guard services that perfectly fuse performance and presentation. Let us help ensure everything goes as planned on your wedding day!

Wedding Security Services for Events in the Twin Cities

When we say we do security for weddings, we don’t just mean we patrol the perimeter and monitor buildings, though that is a critical part of being a wedding security guard and something we take seriously. Our services offer much more!

We’re devoted to making sure your event goes smoothly from the inside-out. From entry permitting to profiling trespassers to theft protection and reporting irregularities, we bring a sense of all-around safety to your wedding day. You can count on us to secure guest valuables, extending our protection to all attendees.

We also provide alcohol consumption guidance, support for event coordinators, and secure opening and closing procedures. We’ll even provide policy violators with procedural information and escort guests where they need to be.

Get Unparalleled Security & Parking From One Trustworthy Team

As providers of valet parking services in the Twin Cities for over a decade, we believe our proper presentation sets us apart. We know that appearances are anything but superficial, especially when it comes to weddings, which is also a subset of our valet company’s expertise.

When it comes to your wedding, whether it’s VIP only or a little more down-home in spirit, we pledge to provide nothing but the most professional-looking and kindly staff. You deserve only the best for your special day!

Choose Unparalleled Security for Your Wedding Day

Square away security for your wedding today and trust the pros at Unparalleled Security. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 651-300-1515.

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