Residential Security Solutions in the Twin Cities

  • Private security services for residential properties
  • Trained armed and unarmed security guards
  • Suit-and-tie approach to customer service
  • Book short or long term with valet parking options

When you hire Unparalleled Security for a private residence or residential property, you get the highest level of security services available in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities area. We take a suit-and-tie approach to residential security services, with a focus on reliability, accountability, and professionalism.

Book Local Security Experts to Protect Your Residence

From apartment building security to private homes, our residential security services are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need armed or unarmed security guards, our team boasts highly trained and certified officers who are available for the short or long term.

Let us give your household, condo community, HOA, co-op, or other residential property the calm that comes with uncompromising security services!

Personal Security

Unparalleled Security excels at providing discreet protective services for individuals with a wide range of security needs. From VIP celebrities and high-level executives to individuals in tense legal situations and local public figures, our personal security services ensure complete confidentiality and protection against physical harm at all times.

Vacant Property Security

Do you have a vacant residential property that’s attracting unwanted visitors? Our security guards assess vacant properties for vulnerabilities and find solutions to keep your house, building, or land on lockdown.

Residential Event Security

Getting a bunch of people together, no matter how close the relationships, calls for a plan to keep everyone safe while you’re having a good time. From weddings to private parties, our event security services help your shindig go off without a hitch.


Our wedding security guard services marry performance and presentation. Our team does whatever it takes to help ensure everything goes as planned on your big day!

Private Parties

Sit back, relax, and have a good time. When Unparalleled Security is monitoring your party, you can actually let your hair down and dance if you want to!

Valet Staff

Did we mention that we’re from the same great local company that’s delivered valet services in the Twin Cities for over a decade? Let us know how else we can make your event unparalleled!

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