Security Services for Twin Cities Hotels

  • Hotel security services tailored to your property
  • Highly trained armed or unarmed security guards
  • Suit-and-tie approach with a focus on hospitality
  • Available long or short term, plus valet services

At Unparalleled Security, it is our duty to provide a sense of security to hotel guests simply by being present. We know that your venue requires security guards that will appropriately represent you and can be knowledgeable and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Moreover, the presence of professional security officers like ours makes the employees feel safe, which is crucial. With Unparalleled Security, your hotel property and the guests staying with you are safe in our hands!

Why Book Unparalleled Security for Your Hotel?

Our team is prepared to patrol the interior and exterior of the premises to detect unusual activities and ensure that all equipment is operating normally and not causing safety and security hazards.

Unparalleled Security guards can also perform surveillance for the whole hotel grounds, escort people in and out of the hotel, maintain order, and report to supervisors and management.

And because we’re the same owners you know and trust from Unparalleled Parking, you can get security and valet services from one reliable Twin Cities company! Let us help you streamline operations and create a welcoming, secure environment.

To learn more about hotel security, contact us online or call 651-300-1515 today.

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