Security Services for Twin Cities Hotels

  • Hotel security services tailored to your property
  • Highly trained hotel security guards
  • Suit-and-tie approach with a focus on hospitality
  • Available long or short term, plus valet services

At Unparalleled Security, it is our duty to provide a sense of security to hotel guests simply by being present. We know that your venue requires security guards that will appropriately represent you and can be knowledgeable and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Moreover, the presence of professional security officers like ours makes the employees feel safe, which is crucial. With Unparalleled Security, your hotel property and the guests staying with you are safe in our hands!

How Our Security Presence Can Help Your Hotel

Security issues can arise at any time at a Twin Cities hotel, which is why you need an accountable security service that can swing into action. Unparalleled Security offers specially trained hotel security officers capable of de-escalating any emergency situation on your property.

Security Tailored to Your Needs

Get an eagle-eyed security service that ensures your hotel is not vulnerable to intruders. Our guards take time to study your property’s grounds and architecture and plot out strategies for easy and prompt handling of any security situation.

Protection for Your Staff

When it comes to our security services, hotel employees are also a top priority. Our security experts know when their services are needed and how to handle any situation, whether it's to protect the workers in an emergency or to defend them from unwelcome actors.

In the best-case scenario, the hotel security guards we send to your hotel become part of the family, doing all it takes to keep your hotel personnel safe.

24/7 Hotel Security

We understand that security is not a one-off thing. Unparalleled Security provides 24-hour hotel security services for properties in the Twin Cities area. We have enough security manpower to rotate our security guards so as to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

Parking Lot Security

With guests coming and going from your hotel each day and night, you want to know your parking lots are protected. Our parking lot security services monitor the area for criminal activity and help provide a safer atmosphere for patrons and employees. These parking lot patrols ensure vehicle break-ins and act as a deterrent for many crimes.

Learn more about our parking lot security options for your hotel by reaching out today.

Routine Patrols

Because hotels have so many people visiting, it’s important to ensure the safety of everyone. You want to protect guests from harm, and you may also need to protect guests from each other or employees from guests.

With routine patrols, our security guards will monitor the parking lot and property to keep everyone safe and promote a positive environment for all. No matter what size of hotel, our trained and experienced security specialists will keep everyone safe.

Our security guards can be armed or unarmed, depending on your needs and preferences.

Hostile Termination Protection

Unfortunately, employees can become upset when they are fired. While most people will walk away without making any disruptions, some situations can escalate.

If you suspect a hostile termination station, our security guards can monitor the situation to keep the other staff members and guests safe. With added protection from our trained security experts, you’ll be able to handle these delicate situations without fear.

Why Book Unparalleled Security for Your Hotel?

Our team is prepared to patrol the interior and exterior of the premises to detect unusual activities and ensure that all equipment is operating normally and not causing safety and security hazards.

Unparalleled Security guards can also perform surveillance for the whole hotel grounds, escort people in and out of the hotel, maintain order, and report to supervisors and management.

And because we’re the same owners you know and trust from Unparalleled Parking, you can get security and valet services from one reliable Twin Cities company! Let us help you streamline operations and create a welcoming, secure environment.

To learn more about hotel security, contact us online or call 651-300-1515 today.

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