Book Unparalleled Security for Twin Cities Events

  • Professional security services tailored to your event
  • Highly trained event security guards
  • A polished approach that makes guests feel valued
  • Available in the Twin Cities area with valet add-on

Book Security Services for Your Wedding Day

When you hire our team of wedding security guards, you’re doing more than guaranteeing your event’s safety from would-be wrong-doers. Recruit a team that helps make sure everything runs smoothly on the inside, too.

Hire Experienced Security Professionals for Concerts

Maintaining order at a venue full of concert-goers is more important than ever in the wake of recent tragedies at music festivals. From monitoring suspicious activity to ensuring crowd safety during performances, our concert security solutions follow strict protocol so your event is enjoyed and remembered as nothing less than a complete success.

Keep Private Parties Secure

Large amounts of people mean that crime can more easily go unnoticed, but not on our watch! Unparalleled Security provides comprehensive event security for private parties of all sizes to make sure things go off at your important affair without a hitch.

Enhance Your Event With Valet Staff

We’re no strangers to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities area – our valet company has provided Unparalleled Parking services for over a decade. That means we know what security measures are important in the area and how to tailor our services to your event’s requirements. It also means you can get security and valet services from the same trusted team!

Event Security That Goes Above & Beyond

We’re security for hire for a variety of needs – corporate events, weddings, and even personal security. Our event security focuses on making your guests feel safe while maintaining the polished service you’ve come to expect from our team.

Preventing Crime Is Just the Beginning

When we say special event security, we mean more than preventing crime. We strive to provide comprehensive event security services that go above and beyond what you’d expect from security guards for events.

Let us take care of all the safety and security details so that you can focus on making your event the best it can be!

Support for Event Coordinators: We’ve Got Your Back

From opening and closing procedures to securing guest valuables, our event security services provide as much value as our parking, making them unparalleled. We help make sure alcohol is consumed responsibly, escort guests, and more.

To us, special event security isn’t just making sure a space is safe – it’s making sure guests feel safe, and with our expertise in customer care, your patrons will be nothing but.

An Event Security Company That Gets the Job Done

Hospitality is important, but so is guaranteeing the safety of the event, and we don’t sacrifice on either front. When you invest in our security guards for hire, you get a well-trained team that keeps an eye not just on the property perimeters but also watches equipment and other points of interest, such as entrances.

We’ll also monitor who comes in, stopping suspicious activity before it even begins, and profile trespassers should one appear on the premises. Reporting irregularities as a means of loss prevention is also on our list of can-do’s.

On top of all that? After informing violators of policies and rule breakages, we’ll even do de-escalation if it’s needed. We’re an event security company that does it all so that you can give it your all when it comes to running a successful event.

Unparalleled Security: Exceptional Guards for Events

Whether it’s for your special day, that critical corporate event, or even a personal bash, we’re the event security services that you can always count on to keep things sensationally safe. Contact our Minneapolis office today at 651-300-1515.

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