Book Security for Private Parties in the Twin Cities

  • Security services for private parties
  • Available short or long term in the Twin Cities
  • Certified armed and unarmed bodyguards
  • Discreet protection for executives and VIPs

Your latest shindig needs the pinnacle of performance and presentation when it comes to its security. Not only does the safety of your guests rank tip-top on the list of concerns, but so does the nature of the party itself – the vibe and how welcome guests feel there.

With Unparalleled Security, you’ll get event security pros that understand the value of client care on top of vigilant private security for events. It’s the best of both worlds!

When Security & Presentation Matter, We Offer Unparalleled Support

Whether it’s an organized event or more of a loose gathering, you no doubt have some level of work to do on your hands in the form of running the thing; you want your guests to be able to take a load off, after all. Unparalleled Security is proud to provide thorough support for you and your guests so that everyone, including hosts and VIPs, can sit back, relax, and have a good time. It’s your party, so let your hair down and dance if you want to!

From de-escalation to liquor consumption guidance to escorting guests and more, our security for parties is comprehensive in terms of support. When you hire us for private security for events, you get more than perimeter patrols, though that’s an important part of the job, too.

You can expect expert attentive support that works hard to have your back, and staff that conducts themselves with grace, dignity, and the power of great presentation in mind.

Security for Parties Where Only Complete Safety Will Do

Private security for events is more than making sure things run smoothly, of course. It’s doing the legwork to make sure crime doesn’t happen, and we’ve got that down pat. We’ll secure guests’ valuables, monitor access points, profile trespassers, and make sure everyone is up to date on policies and procedures.

Keeping an eye on buildings and equipment and reporting the pertinent irregularities is part of our job description, too; great security for parties requires more than minding guests. We’ll also watch the doors, only permitting entry to those cleared.

Despite our focus on safety, we never forget that guests should feel warm, welcome, and cared for. Unparalleled Security prioritizes high security for parties right alongside caring for guests.

Keep Private Parties Safe & Fun With Unparalleled Security

Whether we’re bringing you service as a valet company or a provider of private security for events, we strive to provide the five-star performance that we’ve made a name for ourselves with. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 651-300-1515.

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