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Whether you run a single retail storefront or a mega mall, professional security services can be the difference between profitability and foreclosure. Loss prevention tailored to your property and trained guards are basic security measures that require endless accountability, and Unparalleled Security is ready to deliver just that for your retail business.

For over a decade, we’ve been a local leader for valet services, known for our suit-and-tie approach to customer service. As we expand into the security industry with the help of the most qualified security guards in the Twin Cities area, we’d love to partner with your retail business for a short or long-term assignment!

Retail Loss Prevention Services Are a Must

That’s why we offer the best loss prevention security guards in the Twin Cities area. Let your employees focus on their normal duties while we handle shoplifting concerns. Of course, that’s not where our retail security services end!

Unparalleled Security guards are also highly trained to identify and prevent potential hazards, including suspicious people, faulty equipment, and even underage drinking. We keep cool in all situations to help you maintain a family friendly and safe retail environment.

Mall Security

Protecting more than one retail store typically may require more than one security guard, and Unparalleled Security is ready to deliver as many highly trained professionals as you need. As a local team that knows our Twin Cities shopping centers inside and out, our mall security services are second to none!

Why Choose Our Security Guards?

Unparalleled Security holds the required protective agent license through the State of Minnesota, and we only hire security guards with extensive training and certifications. All staff must pass FBI background checks and fingerprinting; Armed security guards are required to have state certifications for a license to carry and training on armed security services. Our entire team participates in ongoing training to keep our skills sharp.

On top of the necessary training, licensing, and certifications, Unparalleled Security guards must represent our brand with the utmost professionalism, reliability, and accountability.

Add on Valet Services

After over 14 years of providing valet in our hometown of the Twin Cities, we’re confident that our services are the best in the area. If you’re interested in valet along with security services, why not get both from one local, trustworthy business? We’ll work hard to prove you made the right choice!

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