Unparalleled Minneapolis Commercial Security Services

  • Exceptional security services for commercial properties
  • Twin Cities-based company with local knowledge and connections
  • Armed or unarmed guards focused on security and hospitality
  • Short or long-term availability with valet services add-on

No matter what sort of business you own, security should be a pillar of your company’s promise to its employees, customers, and visitors. When our security guards have your commercial property under control, operations run smoothly and people feel at ease.

Book Unparalleled Security for the level of security you need – nothing more, nothing less – and our team will deliver exceptional service every time.

Reliable Security for Twin Cities Commercial Properties

Unparalleled Security holds the required protective agent license through the State of Minnesota. Our team also has extensive training and certifications, and all staff have passed background checks through the FBI, as well as fingerprinting.

Armed guards are required to go through all state certifications for a license to carry and training on armed security services, as well as participate in ongoing training.

Secure Escorts for Hostile Terminations

While it’s unfortunate to consider, there are situations when people are fired for dangerous or criminal behavior. In these situations, you’ll want reliable security that can protect you and others in the building. You may also need to hire armed security guards if a fired employee becomes disgruntled and makes threats.

Of course, you should also inform the police of threats to the property or to people. But having a secure escort in the meantime will give you extra peace of mind if you’re firing someone you suspect could turn violent.

Patrols & Parking Lot Security

Whether you have a large business with a massive parking lot or a smaller storefront with a tiny lot, you can benefit from parking lot security. Maybe your commercial building is dealing with vandalism or perhaps cars keep being broken into. By working with parking lot security experts, you’ll get added protection to deter criminal behavior.

With regular vehicle patrols from our experienced staff, your customers and employees will be better protected from threats to their personal safety or their property. Reach out today to learn more about the benefits of vehicle patrols and parking lot security.

Building Security

From office buildings to apartment lobbies, building security is a key factor in the quality of life for everyone inside. If you manage a residential building in the Twin Cities area, potential tenants will expect access control and other security measures to prevent trespassers from entering the building.

Unparalleled Security offers building security services tailored to your facility’s specific requirements, whether you’re looking for a short-term security guard for an event or someone you can count on to monitor the building on a regular basis. Let us help you reliably secure your condos, apartment complex, or any other building in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or surrounding areas.

Construction Site Security

The potential dangers of a construction site are only amplified when you don’t have a plan for mitigation. Unparalleled Security offers construction site security to protect materials, tools, equipment, and workers from unforeseen hazards.

If an emergency situation does arise, our prompt response can help prevent further loss and damage. Let us help you keep your project on track and on budget simply by being present at your site, paving the way for success!

Hospital Security

Healthcare centers are already sources of stress, but a competent security team can help maintain an orderly and peaceful hospital environment. From patrolling the facility to assisting with access control and disturbances, our hospital security services help ensure patient safety, among many benefits.

Hotel Security

Hospitality can’t fall short in any area of hotel management, especially in our modern economy. We know your hotel patrons expect the utmost professionalism and a high-end experience, and it’s our duty to deliver a suit-and-tie approach to hotel security services.

That means we go out of our way to make hotel guests feel seen and validated while we’re handling disturbances, monitoring access, and performing any other duties that can help make your facility more secure.

Industrial Security

Prevent distractions and unwanted activities at your manufacturing facility or other industrial building by booking short or long-term security guards. Our industrial security services are designed to eliminate any issues that interfere with your business’s operations or bottom line.

Mall Security

Unparalleled Security understands the demands of mall security inside and out, from loss prevention and confronting shoplifters to underage alcohol consumption, parking lot fender benders, and loitering. We make it easy to keep the peace so the mall can stay a friendly place for families and a profitable one for retailers.

Retail Security

Your retail employees are never going to be as invested in preventing theft as we are! And they can focus on their jobs better when we are handling loss prevention, along with other security services tailored to your retail store.

Vacant Property Security

Don’t wait for something to happen at your vacant property – our security guards have solutions to lock down the area from trespassers, vandalism, damage, and more. Whether you need us for a short-term assignment or the long haul, we understand how to identify and protect the most vulnerable areas of a vacant property.

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