Hire a Personal Bodyguard for Security

  • Private security services for individuals
  • Available short or long term in the Twin Cities
  • Certified armed and unarmed bodyguards
  • Discreet protection for executives and VIPs

From high-level corporate executives and VIPs to private citizens, our personal security clients at Unparalleled Security are treated with professional hospitality and complete confidentiality. Whether you need personal protection for a one-time event or are looking for Twin Cities security guards you can count on for the long term, we specialize in custom security solutions.

Our bodyguards have the desired training, experience, and credentials to provide personal security, and they practice ongoing training to keep their skills razor-sharp. Contact us for temporary and ongoing personal security services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.

Choose Unparalleled Security for Personalized Service

When the personal security of a human being is on the line, it doesn’t matter their status – we treat them with respect and protect them with strict security measures tailored to their needs and preferences.

Unparalleled Security is your source for armed or unarmed personal bodyguards in Minnesota. We hire experienced security personnel who are licensed and trained according to our high standards.

Custom Security Services

Our security services are personalized to your specific needs, whether for the protection of high value people, items, or property.

Armed & Unarmed Bodyguards

If you require an armed bodyguard, Unparalleled Security can provide a professional with the necessary license to carry and armed security services training and experience. No matter the scope of protection you need, you can feel confident trusting our local Minneapolis team for personal security!

Executive Protection

When the person needing protection is a notable executive or public figure, our guards are trained and experienced to handle the added pressure it puts on the situation.

VIP Bodyguards

Whether it’s a concert or wedding, our security guards are available to provide VIP protection at your event.

Event Security

Our event security officers have advanced training in many areas, including threat assessment, conflict resolution, and emergency response.

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