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  • Professional security guards for events, people, and property
  • Security services across the Twin Cities metro area
  • Licensed and certified armed and unarmed security guards
  • Reliable and affordable for short and long-term contracts

It’s no secret that there’s a high demand for qualified trained law enforcement and security professionals throughout the Twin Cities area. Metropolitan cities across the country are experiencing higher crime rates, and Minneapolis and St. Paul are no exceptions. But soon it will be no secret where to book the best security guards in the metro: Unparalleled Security.

After more than a decade of providing five-star valet services in our hometown area, we’ve expanded into security services – and we bring our suit-and-tie approach and commitment to customer service along with us!

Whether you need one security guard or many or have a one-night event or a permanent security need; whether you need to protect a building, person, or property, Unparalleled Security is your source for security services tailored to your specific requirements.

Security Guards for Twin Cities Events, People, & Property

Unparalleled Security holds the required protective agent license through the State of Minnesota. Our security guards do extensive training and certifications prior to working with us, and all staff have passed FBI background checks and fingerprinting.

Armed security guards are required to go through all state certifications for a license to carry. They also undergo training on armed security services, as well as participate in ongoing training to keep their skills sharp.

On top of the necessary training, licensing, and certifications, Unparalleled Security guards must represent our brand with the highest level of professionalism, reliability, and accountability. Contact us today and tell us about your security needs!

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