Book Hospital Security Officers in the Twin Cities

  • Hospital security services tailored to your facility
  • Highly trained hospital security guards
  • Suit-and-tie approach with a focus on confidentiality
  • Available long or short term, plus valet services

Protect your staff, patients, and visitors with the highest level of safety and security by booking Unparalleled Security. Our hospital security services are personalized to your facility’s needs, and our professional guards have been selected for their reliability, experience, training, and credentials.

Hospital Security Services From Unparalleled Security

Security officers who work in medical facilities need to provide a certain level of polished, professional care, and Unparalleled Security stands ready to deliver guards with those attributes to your Twin Cities hospital or healthcare center. Whether you need a short-term solution or permanent security guards, we are your Minneapolis security services provider specializing in personalized security solutions with a suit-and-tie approach.

Prevent Vandalism & Theft

Security is really about prevention, and you’ll know our hospital security services are working when distractions and disturbances happen less and less frequently under our watchful eyes. Our hospital security guards are highly trained to prevent vandalism, theft, and suspicious activity.

Resolve Disturbances

Patrolling the hospital and its grounds is a critical part of our duties to identify and resolve any conflicts immediately and without damage to people or property. Unparalleled Security guards work closely with your hospital personnel to determine security threats and appropriate resolutions.

Monitor & Maintain Safety

From maintenance issues to severe weather conditions, security and safety issues are constantly monitored by our hospital security guards, who work quickly to provide smart solutions. They are highly visible to patients and hospital staff alike, providing a sense of security, as they are ready for anything – including frequently directing patients and visitors to their destinations with the utmost courtesy.

Parking Lot Patrols

Parking lot security is a key component of hospital safety for guests, visitors, and employees. With so many patients going to the hospital every day, it’s vital to have a security guard presence.

With our trained security specialists, your hospital parking lot will be monitored with ongoing patrols. This way, you can deter issues such as break-ins and even more concerning crimes.

Our security team members will provide peace of mind for your patients and staff members by keeping an eye on parking lots.

Hostile Termination Services

Having to fire someone from their hospital job is never an enjoyable experience. This situation can be that much more stressful when the employee gets angry or upset about the termination.

Trained security guards are often a necessary measure when dealing with hostile termination situations. After all, it's best to err on the side of caution to keep other employees, management, and hospital guests safe.

Learn more about commercial security measures, which can include armed or unarmed guards.

Book Comprehensive Hospital Security Services

At Unparalleled Security, we provide peace of mind and protection through our complete hospital security services. Whether you need security guards, parking lot patrols, or any other hospital security option, our trained security specialists are here to help.

As a Twin Cities company, we strive to offer a positive, safe environment for everyone that visits your hospital. Call today at 651-300-1515 to learn more.


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