Unparalleled Patrol Services Near Minneapolis

  • Reliable mobile patrol services for businesses, events, and more
  • Parking lot security to protect your property, employees, and customers
  • Extra protection in large parking garages from trained security guards
  • Constant mobile patrol presence to deter bad behavior around your building

If you're a business owner near Minneapolis, you need help to keep your property secure and to certify the safety of your employees, customers, and anyone else entering your building. This goes beyond ensuring the inside of the facility is secured; You must take precautions to protect the entire premises.

With vehicle and mobile patrol services from Unparalleled Security, you'll get ongoing protection from highly trained security guards. Our (armed or unarmed) guards can provide parking lot control, vehicle patrol services, parking garage security, and more.

No request is out of line – our team offers the most comprehensive parking lot and vehicle patrol services possible in the Twin Cities metro area. Call Unparalleled Security today to get peace of mind and the highest-quality protection around!

Trustworthy Patrol for Twin Cities Properties

Like any metropolitan area, Twin Cities parking lots and parking garages are common places for crimes to occur. When it's dark – or even in the middle of the day – vehicles get broken into, people feel unsafe, and other concerns arise.

To ensure your property is protected and that people are kept safe, let Unparalleled Security offer mobile patrol for your building or business. We’re no strangers to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities area – our valet company has provided Unparalleled Parking services for over a decade. That means we know what security measures are important in the area and how to tailor our services to your requirements.

Each of our security guards carries a protective agent license for the State of Minnesota, and every team member gets ongoing training and certification. You can also trust that we vet our staff through background checks.

Mobile Patrol Services Throughout Minneapolis - St. Paul

With our vehicle patrol services, our trained security guards will drive around your building and keep an eye on everything, intervening whenever necessary. These patrols are a simple way to ensure protection from vandalism and other criminal behavior.

Just the presence of a security vehicle can help deter problems!

Parking Lot & Parking Garage Security

With parking lot and parking garage security, you'll deter break-ins, destruction of property, and assaults. Our security guards will constantly monitor the area for suspicious behavior and act as a deterrent.

Book Patrol Services Today: 651-300-1515

Let our certified staff ensure the safety and protection of your employees and customers, so you can provide that extra peace of mind for yourself and others. Contact us today at 651-300-1515 to request vehicle patrol services for your business or organization!

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