Get Unparalleled Security for Prisoner Transportation

  • Twin Cities prisoner transportation service
  • Certified armed security guards
  • Strict standards for personnel and protocol
  • Available for temporary or long term

Prisoner transportation services are nothing like they seem in the media because the inherent risks involved rarely lead to incidents when you choose a professional security company. Unparalleled Security is the local Twin Cities team you can turn to for prisoner transports near Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro areas, offering accountable armed guards, transportation vehicles with advanced technology, and personalized services.

Contact us for court appearances, extraditions, prison-to-prison transfers, hospital prisoner transports, and more prisoner transportation services in Minnesota.

Book Our Minneapolis Security Experts for Prisoner Transports

Custom security solutions are our specialty, and our prisoner transportation services vary widely depending on your needs. Book our highly qualified security guards to ensure safe and humane prisoner transports.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Unparalleled Security is fully licensed and insured to provide prisoner transportation services per federal law. All of our security guards have passed FBI background checks and fingerprinting.

Highly Trained & Certified Guards

Every Unparalleled Security officer is highly trained to provide security services. Armed guards have passed armed security training and hold all state certifications for a license to carry. All security guards practice ongoing training.

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