When Do You Need an Armed Security Guard?
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When Do You Need an Armed Security Guard?

You don't want to be underprepared when you're in charge of keeping someone, or a group of people, safe. Routine security patrols or guards often provide enough protection, but certain situations call for heightened security measures.

At Unparalleled Security in the Twin Cities, we provide trained, professional, armed security guards for these situations. Whether you need to protect a high-profile individual or need temporary high security for a sensitive event, our armed security guards are the right choice. 

Learn more about our armed security guard services and when you might need them.

When You Need Armed Security Guards

Overall, if you feel like you need armed security personnel for your event, it's better to go with your gut. Even if you don't end up needing them for any specific reason, having that extra peace of mind and a contingency plan in place is wise. As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Still, there are a couple of situations when you should strongly consider working with armed security guards.

When You're Protecting High-Profile Figures

Suppose you're in charge of security for a celebrity, political candidate, or anyone else particularly rich or famous. In that case, you want to have that extra security detail there to keep them safe. 

Armed security guards are trained to handle these high-pressure situations, such as when swarms of people and paparazzi come around.

When You're Hosting an Event With VIPs

Along with bodyguards for high-profile individuals, some events require extra security. Whether you're hosting an event with business moguls, celebrities, or politicians, having armed security guards stationed in the area is a good call. Our trained guards can keep any event or building extra secure.

You Are Transporting High-Value Items

There's always a risk in transporting goods, especially if they're high-value items. The heightened security of an armed guard can prove extremely valuable because of the risks associated with it. Most often, the types of goods that may require armed guards include:

  • Sensitive data or documents with proprietary and classified information

  • Controlled substances or pharmaceuticals

  • Financial instruments and cash, particularly with ATMs or banks

  • Jewelry and metals that have a high value

  • Luxury or expensive retail pieces

In High-Risk Commercial Environments

Certain commercial environments inherently carry a higher risk because of their assets, and the presence of an armed guard can deter criminals. Businesses like luxury retailers, pharmacies, and financial institutions are all prime targets and can benefit from the added protection.

You Are Organizing a Large Public Event

Public events are the perfect opportunity for problems to occur, whether you're setting up a political gathering, sporting event, festival, or concert. Having armed guards on site can add an air of authoritative presence and reduce the chance of problems arising, especially if alcohol is involved or there's a risk of protesters. 

The armed guards can help in various ways by providing:

  • Quick action if there's an emergency

  • Management of larger crowds and assisting with crowd control

  • Acting as a visible deterrent for criminals

Larger events, in particular, are unpredictable, and having armed and on-site security can be a vital part of making the function run more smoothly and helping attendees feel safer.

For these situations and more, contact Unparalleled Security to learn about our security guard options, from armed bodyguards to VIP protection

Extra Protection With Armed Security Guards

No matter what industry you're in or who you need to protect, Unparalleled Security is here with trained, professional armed security guards. 

These high-level security experts are there for more heightened or high-risk situations. Armed security personnel can provide more security for any industry, such as hotels, hospitals, businesses, and more.

Contact our Minneapolis office online or give us a call at 651-300-1515 to learn more about our armed security guard and bodyguard services. 

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