How to Choose Between Armed vs. Unarmed Security
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How to Choose Between Armed vs. Unarmed Security

When you hire a security guard to protect your building, event, or parking lot, you want to trust that you'll get added peace of mind and someone trained to handle concerning situations. At Unparalleled Security, we ensure all our security guards are trained to react to suspicious or criminal activity by acting or contacting the proper authorities.

Still, there are some differences between unarmed and armed security guards. Learn more about which kind of security guard is right for you. 

Differences Between Armed & Unarmed Security Guards 

The main difference between armed and unarmed security guards is that armed guards can carry a firearm with them, while unarmed security guards can't. 

While security guards may be able to have certain non-lethal weapons like sprays, batons, and tasers, they are not trained or licensed to carry a firearm. This makes unarmed security guards the more cost-effective choice. 

There is also less risk of liability because if the armed guard shoots someone, the business or property owner can be held liable for the injury, or the property's reputation will be associated with the shooting, whether it was justified or not. 

An armed guard creates a much larger deterrent than unarmed, which means criminals are less likely to consider targeting your property. The weapon also adds extra protection and can mean the difference between keeping the individuals on site safe or wound up injured on your property. 

Another important difference to keep in mind is that armed security guards have to go through further training in the state of Minnesota. They receive firearm training and hours of training on dealing with various situations that could arise or safeguarding businesses that need extra protection, which can be the best choice for the most effective protection.

Do I Need an Armed Security Guard?

For most everyday events and businesses, unarmed security guards have more than enough training to handle things. However, armed security guards offer increased protection if you're planning an event with controversial or high-profile figures or if your business is more at risk for criminal activity.

It's also important to consider how armed versus unarmed guards are perceived. For example, armed guards in a regular office building might seem out of place and put your employees on edge. But, for more dangerous situations, armed guards might provide comfort.

Part of your obligation to attendees is to make sure the event is secure, so a few things to consider when you're trying to decide between having an armed guard or not are:

  • The event is going to attract activism or dangerous interactions.

  • What is your crowd capacity in the event size, what time of day is it being held, and what kind of crowd control do you have in place? 

  • If the situation is temporary or permanent.

  • If your guests have any preferences.

  • Consider other security factors you have in place, like video surveillance or crowd control.

  • What insurance coverage do you have, and how will it apply if an incident occurs?

Well-Trained Security Guards In Minnesota

If you still need to decide whether you need armed or unarmed security guards, the security experts at Unparalleled Security can help you decide. All of our security personnel are well-trained and certified, but our armed guards do go through extra training so they are safe to carry a firearm.

Call us today at 651-300-1515 or connect with our team online to discover more about unarmed and armed security guards. 

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