Should Office Building Security Guards Be Armed?
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Should Office Building Security Guards Be Armed?

Office buildings may seem like everyday places that are relatively safe. Still, most office buildings can benefit from security services. With security guards protecting your office building, your customers, employees, and property will be kept safer, and you’ll have peace of mind that many potential problems are being prevented.

But, when considering hiring security guards for your office building, you may wonder if they need to be armed security guards. In this guide from Unparalleled Security, we review some differences between armed and unarmed security guards to help you decide which type of protection is right for your office building.
Armed Versus Unarmed Security Guards

While armed and unarmed security guards do some of the same things, there are some differences.

The primary difference is that armed guards carry a weapon, usually a firearm, while unarmed security guards do not. Depending on the state and industry, the unarmed guard will likely have some protection, such as pepper spray, but they aren’t trained to carry any serious weapon.

So, while both armed and unarmed security guards can patrol parking lots, parking garages, and office buildings, armed security guards generally offer a higher level of protection and are better for more dangerous situations.

When Do You Really Need An Armed Security Guard?

When hiring security personnel, you need to assess the risk level of your office building. Generally, an office building is a relatively low-risk environment. Security guards in low-risk environments are mainly there to deter issues and prevent minor crimes like vandalism in threat.

On the other hand, higher-risk environments often call for armed security. If your office building is in an area where crime is more rampant, you may want an armed guard to protect your building and the people who use it. If violent crime is a concern in the area, an armed security guard offers more protection.

Consider The Message Your Security Guards Send

Unarmed security guards generally put the general public more at ease, so if you’re in a low-crime area, having armed guards might put people on edge.

However, if a violent interaction happened around your office building before, your employees may welcome the advanced protection of having armed security guards around.

High-Quality Security Guards In Minnesota

Whether you need unarmed or armed security guards for your office building, Unparalleled Security provinces the trained, qualified security personnel you can trust.

We can also help you decide on the right kind of security services for your building. Call us today at 651-300-1515 to get started!

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