Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Company

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Company

The goal of every business is to make a profit. However, to ensure that this goal is achieved, the security of business assets, employees, and customers must not be treated with a kid’s glove. Hence, getting the right security company to handle the security needs of your business establishment is paramount to achieving overall business success.

To help you get started with hiring the right security company, security experts at Unparalleled Security have put together some important questions to ask when hiring a security company.

1. What Technologies Do You Use in Security Operations?

A knowledgeable security company will blend new technology with physical solutions to bring value. Technology is critical in safeguarding the environment and is also incredibly useful in assessing the effectiveness of security activities. So, you must determine if the company is up-to-date with new security technologies.

2. Do You Provide Continuing Training to Security Guards?

It would be best to determine whether the security firm’s employees receive constant training and growth tips. This will guarantee that the firm remains current with industry developments, such as new technology and security laws.

Dedication to improving the skill sets of security guards demonstrates professionalism and commitment to providing good service. So, you should look out for that.

3. Is Your Company’s Security Service Relevant to My Business?

When hiring a security guard company, you must pay attention to the company’s track record. You need to work with a security company that offers security services in your line of business.

Furthermore, the security company you intend to hire must show expertise and awareness of the environment in which you operate and the specific protocols that must be implemented to keep your assets safe.

4. What Licenses & Certifications Do You Have?

Professional security companies must be licensed and legally registered in your state to provide you with your required services. Request that they show you their license and go through the licensing and registration documents before hiring any security guard company.

5. How Do You Respond to Emergencies?

If someone breaks into your business premises, you’ll want to make sure that there is a plan in place to deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Responsibility, reaction time, and security equipment should all be included in a security strategy. Having a plan in case of an emergency will put your mind at ease, and if the worst happens, the damage will be minimized.

6. How Do You Train Your Staff?

This question is as important as the ones above. First, ask the security company how they provide training to their security staff and how often they do this. If possible, ask to look at their training materials to ensure they offer such training.

You want to pick a company that offers extensive training and ensures each security guard meets the requirements for Minnesota security guards.

7. Are Your Security Guards Armed or Unarmed?

When finding a security company, you want to know the different services they provide. Depending on your needs, you may need armed or unarmed security guards. Not all security companies provide armed guards, as they require more extensive training and certifications.

However, many companies, like Unparalleled Security, do provide both options. Armed security guards are best for more dangerous or high-profile events, while unarmed guards are best for everyday situations.

8. Are You a Local Business & Do You Know the Area?

When working with a security company, you want to choose a business that has experience in the area you live. Understanding the culture and the common risks in the area is key. A local business is much more likely to know the needs of the community and have a vested interest in keeping the community safer.

If you choose to work with a local business, you're more likely to receive great communication and customer service.

9. Do You Offer Patrol Services?

There are various security services available, but not all companies offer the same things. When choosing the right protection for your company or event, you may want more than just guards inside the building.

Patrol services are ideal for keeping your property and parking lots safe. So, be sure to double check that their security offerings can include parking lots and property patrols.

10. How Do You Keep Events Safe?

Event security comes with unique challenges and concerns. A company that has years of experience working with events will be able to detail how they handle keeping events safe. You’ll want to choose a company that understands how to cover entrances and exits, and that knows how to keep people attending the event as safe as possible.

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If you are in Minneapolis and considering investing in security, booking a security service with Unparalleled Security is the way to go. We run a licensed security company that can be tailored to match your business needs. We provide everything for armed guards to patrol services, so we are ready for your comprehensive security needs.

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