Common Security Threats to Twin Cities Businesses
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Common Security Threats to Twin Cities Businesses

Businesses in any part of the world suffer from one security threat to another. For business owners in the Twin Cities, there is no denying the presence of common security risks like carjackings, solicitors, and unruly customers. Not having a plan for security to handle these threats can quickly destabilize any business.

While it’s common knowledge to point out some security threats to your Twin Cities businesses, the big question has always been about how to protect your businesses and properties from these security threats.

To help put this in the right perspective, our team of security experts at Unparalleled Security will take you through some of the common security threats to your businesses and how to protect your properties from them. Let’s dive in!

1. Tailgating

We’re not talking about tailgating at Vikings games, though big events certainly come with significant security hazards. (See more below!)

Many businesses without proper physical identification checks will continue to suffer from the tailgating phenomenon. Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person gains access to a restricted premises by following someone with authorized access.

This happens more in businesses where one can easily swipe a security card to enter a restricted property. Tailgating is common in hotels, party houses, and schools operating the swipe access card entry system.

If your Twin Cities business is battling this type of security threat, you should beef up your physical security arrangements with security guards. For example, if you operate a hotel business in the Twin Cities, use trained hotel security guards to solve this issue. The presence of security guards will create a second layer of scrutiny in this situation.

2. Unaccounted Visitors

Some businesses still struggle to account for the number of visitors they receive daily due to loopholes in their security operations. A situation where you cannot say who entered, when they entered, and when they left your business is an invitation to a security catastrophe that must be avoided at all costs.

So how do you solve this security threat? Start by issuing ID passes to anyone scheduled to meet you on your business premises. The security guard on duty should scrutinize each ID before allowing anyone access.

3. Burglary & Theft

If your Twin Cities business holds valuable equipment, it can become an easy target for burglary and theft. To protect your properties against this security threat, you can mount CCTV cameras and hire commercial security for your business.

4. Random Acts of Violence

Workplace violence can occur at any time and can be caused by intruders or angry customers. Although this security threat is usually overlooked, it has contributed to plenty of damage to businesses over the years.

One of the best ways to protect your properties against workplace violence is to employ security guards that can react quickly to violent outbursts in the workplace.

5. Hostile Terminations

While hiring and firing is a normal part of any business, sometimes, things can go south. When you’re dealing with a disgruntled former employee or need to fire someone who has displayed problematic behaviors, you want to ensure everyone else in the building is protected. Security guards provide this needed safety for managers, HR professionals, and other employees in hostile termination situations.

6. Large Events

Extra security is a wise idea when planning a big event for your business, such as a conference, charity drive, or company party. Security personnel are trained to handle watching large crowds of people.

Our trained experts can monitor entrances and exits and ensure no one disturbs the peace. While most large events will go off without a hitch, having peace of mind is vital. You can even request temporary security guards for these events.

Do Your Business Need Armed or Unarmed Security?

At Unparalleled Security, we offer both armed and unarmed security options. If you're looking for protection for your business, you might have questions about which makes the most sense for your company.

For most businesses, unarmed security is more than enough safety. Unarmed security guards monitor and offer deterrence, and they don’t seem out of place in most office buildings or parking lots.

Armed security, on the other hand, may be upsetting to employees and customers. However, armed security is a wise choice if your building is in an area with more crime or your industry has higher risks.

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