5 Situations That Require Temporary Security Guards
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5 Situations That Require Temporary Security Guards

Does your business have security guards already? Do you use security teams to protect yourself? Many businesses and individuals rely on 24-hour private security services to operate seamlessly. However, there are some situations where the services of temporary security guards might prove very effective. 

Temporary security guards are needed in situations that may appear safe on the surface but can be prone to danger without the presence of temporary security guards. At Unparalleled Security in Minnesota, our security professionals are available to hire for temporary or permanent assignments, offering armed or unarmed security services. 

Let’s discuss some situations where you may require temporary security guards. 

1. Private & Public Events

A successful event requires managing a lot of components. But unfortunately, security frequently takes a backseat when people plan some of their events.

Temporary security guards from a reputable company will know exactly what to do to keep your business and guests safe if you are having an event, from a small private function like a wedding to a huge public event like a music festival, political rally, or concert. 

Temporary security guards have the expertise to handle any security concerns so you and your guests can enjoy your event. This includes checking credentials and tickets as well as patrolling for suspicious activity.

2. Construction Projects

Most construction projects are only temporary. Many owners of construction sites opt to hire short-term security guards to protect their properties both during business hours and after hours. Tools, building supplies, and machinery are all found at construction sites and must be protected during construction.

These construction equipment are frequently the target of thieves looking to make an easy profit. By hiring temporary security guards to mount patrols at irregular intervals, your entrances and construction equipment will be secured, and illegal activities reported.

3. Transport of Valuables

When a high-profile person or a valuable item is being transported from one place to another, this situation may require temporary security guards to be on ground. Even in some situations where you're not moving with a valuable item but want it transported from one point to another, you may require a security company to provide a short-term security guard for this purpose.

In this situation, your temporary security guard should be able to update you with the most secure routes beforehand and gather enough intelligence to help you avert any security threats.

4. Threat Situations

If a colleague or business customer threatens your life, a temporary bodyguard can help keep you out of harm's way while the issue is being taken care of. 

Sudden security issues can arise for nearly any industry. For example, a hospital might deal with a previous patient who is threatening a doctor. Or, an individual might feel unsafe because they are a high profile individual.

In addition, temporary security guards can also serve as a defense against issues like threats to disrupt an event you're hosting or participating in. No matter the threat situation, Unparalleled Security offers many options to keep you safe and protected. 

5. Hostile Terminations 

While most people don’t cause a big scene after getting fired, there are exceptions to this. Maybe you have to fire someone who has been accused of criminal behavior or who has shown themselves to be unstable in the workplace.

If you suspect a hostile termination situation, hiring a security guard can protect everyone during the actual firing process. 

You can also hire security teams to protect managers, employees, and customers if a fired employee is still making threats

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