Things a Retail Security Guard Does

Things a Retail Security Guard Does

Retail establishments have high customer traffic because it’s a point where consumers meet their needs. As a retail business owner, the last thing you’d wish for is a poorly manned space where your products and customers are vulnerable to security threats.

How do you, then, ensure that this does not happen? Start by hiring retail security guards from a licensed security company. 

Retail security guards are trained to protect employees’ and customers’ safety and well-being and prevent crimes such as robbery, shoplifting, etc. 

Learn what a retail security guard does and why partnering with a professional security services provider will provide you with better security and safety for your employees and customers. 

What Is a Retail Security Guard?

A retail security guard is one who is trained to effectively keep a close watch on all aspects of a retail store. They bring their crime detection, communication, and patrol skills into play to mount a protective eye on customers, employees, and assets in a retail shop.

Duties of a Retail Security Guard

The protection of any customers and staff present is the primary priority of retail security guards operating in retail enterprises. 

A retail setting might be a single store or a whole shopping mall, and the retail security guard may operate as part of a team with other security experts, depending on the employer’s demands. 

A security guard is also responsible for protecting the financial interests of the establishment he works for. Therefore they may be assigned to watch cash registers, vaults, or store things.

Daily Tasks

A Retail Security Officer’s day-to-day tasks might differ somewhat. It all depends on your level of seniority and the organization you work for. 

Here are some of the most prevalent responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety of customers and employees.

  • Deter and apprehend shoplifters at various retail locations.

  • Communicate effectively with the chief security officer and local law enforcement agents.

  • Provide customer care service when necessary.

  • Confidently handle crises and emergencies.

  • Follow all safety protocols to the letter.

Other Roles & Duties

Every retail security guard’s day looks slightly different. Some guards may be more focused on watching entrances and exits, while others may mostly be there to offer deterrence. 

The exact daily tasks will depend on the type of retail business and the needs of the clients and customers.

Along with the common daily duties mentioned above, there are also some other specialized jobs that retail security guards may perform, such as patrol services and armed guard services.

Patrol Services

A security guard that patrols the property and parking areas offers patrol services. Some security guards are mainly in their cars, ensuring that parking lots and parking garages are secure. 

Security guards on patrol services check for issues like vandalism, shoplifting, and general safety.

Armed Guard Services

While most security guards for retail stores are unarmed, hiring an armed security guard is possible. 

Armed guards go through more training and certification to carry a firearm. They may be necessary for more dangerous areas or situations. 

Qualities Necessary for a Retail Security Guard 

The skills and qualities expected of a retail security guard will vary according to retail establishments. However, there are general qualities that companies will look for when hiring a security guard. 

Here are some of the main qualities to look for in your retail security guard!

Great Social Skills

Social skills, equipment proficiency, and physical fitness are among the qualities that will likely be on an employer’s demands when looking out for a retail security guard. Hence, our training experts take the time to drill these qualities into our retail security guards. 

Good Customer Relation Skills

In addition, a security guard must be able to communicate with people in a friendly yet stern manner to avoid escalating difficult situations during difficult situations. 

Also, retail security guards may be required to handle aggressive trespassers; therefore, appropriate training techniques are necessary. 

Furthermore, if the security guard is given any form of armament, he or she will need to be trained on how to use it effectively and safely.

Don’t overlook these qualities in a retail security guard:

  • Years of experience

  • The reputation of the security company

  • Calm demeanor

  • Organized

  • Follows rules and protocol

Secure Your Business With Unparalleled Security

If you have a retail establishment in the Twin Cities, you should consider hiring a retail security guard today. The training we give our security guards is tailored to fit the specific security demands of your business. As a local company, we understand the needs of retail businesses in the area and always provide the highest level of training. 

You can quickly reach us at 651-300-1515 or use our online contact form.

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