6 Ways Security Guards Can Protect Your Office Building

6 Ways Security Guards Can Protect Your Office Building

The office building is one place that requires maximum security to avoid incidents of security breaches. Providing adequate security in your office building will go a long way to ensuring the safety of your employees, intellectual properties, and other precious equipment.

While there are several measures you can take to beef up your workplace security, partnering with certified security guards is one of the best ways to keep your workplace safe. That’s why Unparalleled Security offers security services, including well-trained security guards that can protect your office building.

Our security experts discuss how security guards can protect your office building in this post.

1. Surveillance & Reporting

Security guards can help you mount 24/7 surveillance around your office building, monitoring and reporting unusual movements. In this situation, they can function as stationary or patrolling security guards. This is left for the office management to decide.

Whatever the method, security guards can be your eye on everything happening around your business premises.

2. Deterring & Detecting Crime

Imagine what the presence of security guards around your office building exudes. When you hire security guards, their presence alone deters criminals from carrying out illegal activities around your office building.

3. Responding to Emergencies

Security guards can also protect your office building by responding to emergencies as soon as they occur. Effective emergency response is a critical aspect of office security. For example, emergencies could be a result of fire or bomb threats. With the presence of security guards, these issues will be detected on time even when your other employees are busy in the office.

In other words, because security guards are trained for emergencies, they can respond better without panic if any emergency occurs in your office building. This way, they may end up saving you a fortune with their brave and swift response.

4. Controlling Access

One of the ways you can reduce security risks in your office building is to control access to the office premises. Having security guards control people’s movement through identity checks, bomb checks, entry passes, etc., will help ensure that no unauthorized entry will be allowed into your office building.

5. Finding Safety Hazards

Another way security guards can secure your office building is by finding possible office hazards and reporting them. With the presence of security guards, some of the things most employees care less about in the office building will be looked after.

Talk about water leaks, naked wiring, and empty fire extinguishers; Security guards can easily detect these potential hazards.

6. Patrolling Parking Lots

Along with watching out for the building, security guards can also patrol parking lots to deter crime and keep people safe. Having security personnel present around your parking lot or garage helps reduce car theft and burglary. Learn more about parking lot patrols here.

Should I Hire Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

At Unparalleled Security, we offer multiple options for security personnel that can protect your office building. Most companies work with unarmed security guards because they are able to provide adequate protection. For most business parks, parking lots, and office buildings, unarmed guards look for problems and act when necessary. Often, they are there as a deterrent, and this level of protection is more than enough.

However, there are some office buildings that require extra protection. If your company often deals with theft or other crimes, you’ll want the added security that comes from armed security guards.

Armed security guards are trained through the state of Minnesota to be able to handle firearms. They go through more training, so they can respond calmly to higher stress, more dangerous situations.

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The security of your staff and office properties should not be relegated to the background. Partner with Unparalleled Security for any form of security service for your Twin Cities business.

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