What It Takes to Be a Professional Security Guard
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What It Takes to Be a Professional Security Guard

The constant possibility of threats suggests that professional security guards must have some crucial qualities to handle threats properly.

Apart from being alert at all times and being able to assess situations quickly, working as a professional security guard requires other crucial qualities. Unfortunately, many security companies out there downplay the process of assessing who they recruit and train as a professional security guard. 

However, at Unparalleled Security, guards are trained by professionals who see that security guards internalize and master the necessary attitudes that make a professional security guard.

Education You Need to Become a Security Guard 

Embarking on a career as a professional security guard requires specialized training and education. Initially, one must obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent. Following this, prospective security guards must complete a state-approved security guard training program, which covers subjects like public relations, crisis deterrence, law and ethics, patrolling, and report writing. 

Additionally, as security guards often serve as the first responders during emergencies, training in first aid, CPR, and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is beneficial. Depending on the nature of the job, further specialized training may be required, such as firearms training for armed security guards

Finally, successful completion of this training is typically followed by a certification test. Continuous learning and staying updated with evolving security threats and technologies is also an essential part of the job.

Qualities of a Successful Security Guard

In addition to the training and education that security guards need to obtain, below are the learned and intrinsic qualities that make a professional security guard truly successful. 

1. Preparedness

This entails being appropriately and adequately prepared to deal with any circumstance that may threaten the person or business being guarded. To be prepared at all times, security guards should be equipped with vital security gear to enhance a quicker response in dangerous situations. Crucial gears like communication equipment are notable mentions.

2. Honesty 

Security guards are hired by businesses to protect their most precious assets. Whether it's valuable merchandise, cash, staff, or clients, a business owner needs to trust the guards on duty.

For business owners, dishonest security guards can be a significant concern. Businesses will pay considerably more than just their peace of mind if a guard utilizes his or her position to steal stuff from their clients. 

A guard who permits unauthorized people onto a property puts the business in danger of many crimes and liabilities. While on duty, an honest security guard will always act honestly and put their client's best interests first.

3. Quick Reflexes

Being a security guard necessitates constant vigilance and the ability to appraise what is happening around you. The speed with which you can react to a potentially harmful situation should represent your alertness. A professional security guard must rapidly assess every situation to choose the best course of action.

4. Reliability 

A professional security guard is someone who can be trusted to do their job well. They will show up on time and work diligently during their shift. After all, security is only successful if the guard is present, aware, and ready to deal with any security threat.

5. Good Communication Skills

Being a security guard entails much more than just protecting people and property. A security guard should be able to interact with public members, some of whom are law-abiding individuals and others who may have criminal intentions. 

A good security guard should converse effectively with people from all walks of life. They'll be able to talk respectfully but authoritatively to ensure that rules are followed and that individuals are kept safe.

In the aftermath of a security event, a good security guard must be able to clearly communicate with their superiors, the customer, and law authorities. They may also be entrusted with producing detailed incident reports or giving a clear police statement.

6. Ability to Think Fast

In an emergency, an effective security guard is attentive, prepared, and able to think swiftly. The best security guards can assess a situation quickly and identify the best course of action to de-escalate it and keep people safe.

7. Leadership and Teamwork 

It takes a team to provide effective security. Despite the fact that many security guards appear to operate alone, they are frequently part of a security team. This group comprises not only fellow security guards but also clients and law enforcement officers. 

So, a professional security guard must have the ability to function effectively within a security team.

Your Twin Cities Professional Security Guards

Being on top of every security situation should be among your top priorities. From commercial security, executive security, hotel security, event security, and other security services, the security professionals at Unparalleled Security have what it takes to handle your security needs.

If you have questions about private security or other security concerns, you can book an appointment with our security guard experts through our online contact form or get in touch with us today at 651-300-1515.

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