Securing Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Protecting Exhibitors & Attendees
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Securing Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Protecting Exhibitors & Attendees

With the resurgence of in-person events, ensuring safety and security has become a top priority for organizers. The excitement of face-to-face encounters and the buzz of networking often overshadow the crucial aspect of ensuring safety for both exhibitors and attendees.

Once your organizing or event is underway, it can be tricky or impossible to backtrack to boost security or implement safer strategies. Instead, plan ahead with Unparalleled Security! We unravel the complexities of securing trade shows and exhibitions, provide insights on effective strategies, and offer a comprehensive guide to creating a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

Buckle up as we navigate the labyrinth of security in the world of exhibitions and trade shows.

Perform Regular Security Audits

Regular security audits help identify potential weak points in the security protocol. These audits can assess both digital and physical security measures, from the robustness of the IT infrastructure to the strength of on-the-ground security teams.

In preparation for high-volume events like exhibitions and trade shows, security audits will show where you need to increase your security, create better traffic-flow layouts, add security cameras, and more.

Bulk Up on Security

Your convention center or exhibition facility may already have a security team. Still, extra hands on deck are often needed for significant events like trade shows.

Hire trained security support for your exhibition to ensure crowd control, emergency assistance, theft and damage prevention, and more. More eyes and more feet on the ground can make all the difference.

Add Specialized Security for VIPs

Some trade shows bring in big-time guests, which can bump the volume of attendees at the event. The last thing you want as a host is a need for more security around those big-name individuals.

Provide adequate safety specifically for them by hiring professional bodyguards trained to protect and defend celebrities, high-level executives, and other notable figures from harm.

Implement Advanced Access Control

Hosts should consider integrating sophisticated technology for access control, such as biometrics or RFID systems, to ensure that only authorized personnel enter the premises. Through digital tracking, an RFID wristband, for example, can link to a guest’s online profile, and event security can track where that guest goes throughout the building.

Any guest attempting to enter restricted areas can be caught quickly by security teams on the ground. 

Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan

It's crucial to have comprehensive emergency response plans in place. This includes protocols for evacuation, first-aid stations, emergency contact information displays, and trained personnel capable of handling a range of emergencies, from minor accidents to major incidents.

Regular drills for exhibitors and staff can further reinforce these measures.

Install Additional Security Cameras

After performing a security audit, your team may discover that more areas of your facility need eyes in the sky. Ideally, all angles of the exhibit hall and areas where attendees will be should be covered.

Areas designated exclusively for exhibitors should also have security cameras for additional security. Install more cameras as needed and insure they function correctly within your IT system at least several days before the event.

Provide a Security Manual for Exhibitors

Create a manual, especially for exhibitors, featuring measures they can follow to safeguard their booths and items while attending your trade show.

Offer the manual in paper and digital formats and include information like:

  1. Have someone stationed at their booth at all times.

  2. Store valuable items securely and out of sight.

  3. Use stanchions or cord reels to block areas you don’t want attendees to go.

  4. Keep computers, tablets, and phones locked, password protected, protected with security software, or stowed away from potential thieves or competitive hackers.

  5. Maps of the event areas, labeled with important place information, like exits, registration, emergency services, designated security station, etc.

  6. Emergency procedures in case of unexpected situations.

Enhance Safety at Minnesota Events With Professional Security

Amplify the experience of all attendees and exhibitors by engaging a competent security team highly skilled in optimizing tech security systems and ensuring a secure environment for your trade show or exhibition event.

As a firm rooted in local understanding, we have an in-depth knowledge of Twin Cities culture, crime patterns, venues, and demographics, allowing us to help you implement an effectively managed plan for any high-volume or private exhibition.

This allows your guests to focus on learning, selling, networking, and creating lasting memories of the conference or show while consistently feeling safe. Initiate the planning of your event with the solid backing of a devoted security firm.

Reach out to us at 651-300-1515 or contact us online to learn more about our security guard services.

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