Security Technology for Event Safety: From Surveillance Systems to Access Control
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Security Technology for Event Safety: From Surveillance Systems to Access Control

When planning big events or even small but important gatherings, event organizers are bustling with budgeting, scheduling performances, organizing sponsors, finding accommodations, and a million other tasks. Event security might be low down on their list of must-dos, but security firms are acutely aware of the necessity of a well-managed security protocol.

From effective crowd control and guest protection to preventing property damage and alleviating unexpected situations, hiring a security team to help you manage your event is paramount to its success.

Along with hiring an exceptional security firm, use the latest security technology to create a safer and more secure environment for all your guests. Here’s a look at some of the top-of-the-line security tech you should be using.

Upgraded Surveillance Systems

Venue monitoring is a must-have for any event, especially high-volume ones. The larger the crowd, the more challenging it is for individual security guards to monitor and manage it.

Turn to high-tech surveillance solutions that put eyes and ears everywhere. We recommend installing wireless cameras at every access point and in every room where attendees will be.

Additionally, install alarms and motion-activated security technologies in critical areas where only certain individuals should have access. If any person goes into a restricted area, guards can be alerted and sent to the area for immediate assistance.

Crowd Management Software for Access Control

Access control is crucial at any event, no matter the size. Controlling who can get in and out of an event, where the access points are, and how to monitor crowds for bad actors is critical and can all be handled with the right combination of tech and security personnel.

If you haven’t included these devices or streamlined technology for entry and crowd management control, you should:

Keep Event Registration Online

Since the Internet is how most people purchase tickets and plan for events, use it to your advantage as a registration point that tracks who is coming and going.

Use your online registration to assign different access levels to the right people, like giving sponsors or VIPs a higher level of access than regular attendees.

Include Kiosk Check-Ins

To avoid bottlenecks and streamline the check-in process for events, add kiosks and self-registration options for guests.

Especially when you’re expecting a large number of attendees, kiosks can ensure every guest has paid and has the correct info for access to the different event areas.

Have Attendees Wear RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands have become a popular option for access control. With the ability to link the wristbands to a guest’s profile, event security can track their movements throughout the premises and catch minor infractions before they become larger problems.

Incorporate Facial Recognition Software

Within your surveillance systems, add facial recognition software that can make finding people in a crowd easier.

Tracking through facial recognition allows your security team to detain bad actors or help those in need much more quickly than by traditional methods.

Emergency Response Systems

Once your event has started, do you have plans for emergency situations? Most security firms are trained to handle the unexpected, including emergencies, but technology can help you make unanticipated situations easier to manage and safer for your attendees.

With apps like GoToAID, FEMA, iTriage, and other emergency communications platforms, you can make it easier for individuals to access help while providing on-the-spot need-to-know information to your security team.

Comprehensive Security for Your Minnesota Event

From high-demand venues to private parties, heighten the event experience for everyone by hiring a professional security team who can help you maximize your tech security systems and safely guard your event.

As a local company, we understand Twin Cities culture, crime, locations, and people and can help you execute a well-managed plan that lets your attendees enjoy and remember all the good parts of that concert, festival, or conference while feeling safe the whole time.

Start planning your event with a dedicated security firm to support you. Call 651-300-1515 or message us online to learn more about our security guard services. 

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