Ensuring Security in Concerts: Managing Large-Scale Musical Gatherings
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Ensuring Security in Concerts: Managing Large-Scale Musical Gatherings

Concerts are places where people can gather together to experience joy and enjoy music. While concerts are often a wonderful experience for the attendees, these events do create many security risks and threats.

When it comes to concerts, event planners and property owners must ensure a high level of security to protect the musical talent, building staff, and concertgoers.

Because these are large-scale events where people gather and often involve celebrities and hardcore fans, concerts are a higher security threat than the average commercial event. Security for concerts is a mix of executive protection, building security, and more.

If you want to ensure more safety for everyone at concerts, follow these guidelines from Unparalleled Security.

Gate & Entryway Security

One of the most important elements of concert security is having security personnel at all entrances and exits. You want to ensure that all of these are covered at all times. Otherwise, there could be a major security threat.

You also need highly trained security personnel at the gates to let concertgoers in. Be sure you have adequate security checkpoints. Security teams need to check tickets and go through bags. It’s also wise to enact a clear bag policy and have attendees go through metal detectors.

Bodyguards & VIP Protection

While bigger musical stars will have their own bodyguards and security teams, they may request additional assistance, and emerging artists may need executive protection while at the concert venue.

You should ensure you have trained security guards to protect the talent. You’ll want to make sure these specific individuals are chosen for their trustworthiness, and you may consider offering armed guard protection.

Parking Lot Patrols

Most concert venues have large parking lots and garages. These areas also need to be secured during a concert. Send your security teams around to handle any parking disputes and prevent theft and vandalism.

It's wise to hire security guard patrols for these areas, specifically if you don’t have enough employees on site.

Security Cameras & Technology

Finally, ensure your concert venue has modern technology to protect everyone. You should ensure you have high-tech security systems and that all cameras are working. This will help with crowd management.

If you have more questions about how to use technology to secure your commercial property for an event, reach out to Unparalleled Security.

Reliable Security Teams for Concerts Around the Twin Cities

Concert security is complicated. To ensure everyone’s safety, you need highly trained security teams to cover everything from entrances and exits to bodyguards for top talent.

Whenever you need security services for a concert or other large-scale gathering, contact Unparalleled Security. We provide everything from parking lot patrols to personal security. We can cover the entire event or provide additional support to your existing security teams.

Call us at 651-300-1515 to discover more about concert security options.

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