Do You Need a Bodyguard? 5 Types of People Who Might
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Do You Need a Bodyguard? 5 Types of People Who Might

While it’s easy to think that only the most high-profile individuals need security services, this really isn’t the case. Many individuals can benefit from Minnesota personal security teams, including bodyguards. 

If you feel unsafe or are worried about protecting your event or business, the security specialists at Unparalleled Security offer comprehensive bodyguard protection. 

Find out more about who can benefit from a bodyguard in this guide.

1. Celebrities & Influencers

Celebrities and influencers, regardless of the scale of their fame, often find themselves in need of additional security. High-profile individuals like Hollywood A-listers, internationally recognized musicians, or globally influential public figures are often the most visible beneficiaries of bodyguard services due to their constant public exposure. They face a myriad of threats ranging from aggressive paparazzi, obsessive fans, and even potentially dangerous stalkers.

However, the need for bodyguards extends even to those who enjoy a more localized or niche form of fame. Emerging artists, popular bloggers, or notable community figures may also require bodyguard services. Their risk may stem from zealous followers, disgruntled individuals affected by their work, or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Even at local events such as public appearances, award ceremonies, or community engagements, the use of a security detail can provide a level of safety and peace of mind that allows these individuals to engage fully with their fans and their work.

2. Individuals in High Profile Media Cases

Even an average person can suddenly be known worldwide if a news story gets big enough. In some cases, these individuals might need protection or some extra peace of mind. Diving into controversial fields or topics can also amplify your public recognition, and make you a target. 

Especially when involved in heated public debates and discussions, the risk of receiving threats or facing hostility rises. In such situations, having a personal bodyguard becomes a necessity, as they can provide a sense of security, ensuring your safety while you wholly focus on your arguments and discussions. 

They can also effectively manage crowd control and protect your personal space as you live your daily life, and they can take quick action in case of any emergencies. Even if you become known in local or national media for a good reason, too much attention and too many crowds can be a safety risk.

3. High Net-Worth Individuals

It’s not just the media famous and celebrities who can be targeted for their notoriety and wealth. High net-worth individuals, such as executives, CEOs, and the affluent, often face unique security threats due to their wealth and status. 

Personal bodyguards offer a proactive solution to mitigate these risks. Their presence not only deters potential antagonists, including robbers eyeing the wealth or disgruntled employees harboring resentment, but also ensures swift action in case of a security breach.

Bodyguards are trained to assess and neutralize threats, providing these individuals with a sense of safety and the freedom to go about their daily activities without fear. For these individuals, security risks can arise from unexpected quarters and at unexpected times. 

Executive security helps identify these risks well in advance, taking immediate steps to alleviate the situation. Furthermore, bodyguards can assist in personal matters such as managing crowds in public places, ensuring privacy, and creating a buffer between the individual and the outside world, thereby making them an essential part of the security apparatus for the rich.

4. Domestic Situations

In domestic situations such as divorce cases or other disputes, tensions can often run high, making it a potentially dangerous time. Personal bodyguards offer a layer of security that can help alleviate these fears. 

In the event of a contentious divorce, having a bodyguard by your side can serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they act as a deterrent against any possible physical threats or confrontations. This is especially beneficial if there have been prior incidents of violence or credible threats.

Additionally, the presence of a bodyguard can also have a psychological effect, offering a sense of security and peace of mind during a difficult, stressful period. This mental comfort can be invaluable in helping individuals navigate through the complexities of domestic cases.

5. Activists & Politicians 

For individuals navigating the high-stakes landscape of politics or activism, the physical security provided by personal bodyguards can be invaluable. Given the potential volatility of the political sphere and activist movements, these individuals often face heightened risks and threats. 

Unpopular decisions or controversial stances can generate ill will, leading to personal threats or even physical harm. Bodyguards are trained to mitigate these risks, ensuring that their clients can safely attend rallies, speeches, and public events. 

Additionally, they can provide protection during private meetings and everyday life, ensuring a consistent shield against potential threats. It's not just about the immediate physical safety, either. 

The presence of a bodyguard can also serve as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential aggressors from taking action in the first place. Thus, investing in personal protection services indeed becomes a wise decision for those involved in politically charged or activist environments.

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