4 High School Events That Should Have Security Guards
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4 High School Events That Should Have Security Guards

There are many events throughout high school that present potential security issues, from graduation ceremonies to proms to sporting events. Some of these events may involve high traffic and require parents, sponsors, and students to attend. The nature of these events requires the presence of security guards to protect human lives and properties from any threat.

With this said the licensed security pros at Unparalleled Security are here to discuss a few high school events that should have school security guards. Check them out!


Depending on the school, dances are often one of the biggest social events high school offers, and there are many activities surrounding it that involve high traffic. As a result, there is a need to partner with a reputable company that offers school security services to keep everyone safe.

  • Homecoming and winter formals: Usually offered at the school itself, these formals invite not just attending students but also high schoolers from all over. With so many different groups of people in attendance, it’s a good idea to have security on site. This protection can be for the students themselves, in case an incident breaks out, and for the school building to help prevent theft or the destruction of property.

  • Prom: Commonly known as prom, promenade dance is a high school event usually organized at the end of the school session and is typically held off-site at a hotel, convention center, or large event space. For the benefit of that space and the students, maintaining security services can keep all parties and properties safer. 

Graduation Ceremony

The presence of school security guards at graduation ceremonies contributes significantly to safety and enjoyment. Firstly, their presence acts as a deterrent to any potential disruptions or inappropriate behavior, ensuring a comfortable, pleasant environment for all attendees. 

Secondly, they are trained to respond to emergencies swiftly and efficiently, providing peace of mind for students, parents, and staff. From mitigating alcohol abuse to protecting attendees in the case of a crisis, security personnel ensure the security of all present at what should be an exciting event for all. 

Lastly, their role in managing crowd control and parking contributes to the smooth flow of the event, minimizing stress and maximizing enjoyment on this momentous occasion.

High School Sporting Events

High school sporting competitions involve many teams from different schools participating to win different sporting contests like basketball, football, hockey, and more. These events are usually heated up as each team has its crop of supporters who urge them on during the games. 

Sometimes, there may be a clash of supporters in the field of play or in the stands, which requires trained security guards to handle. Therefore, working with a reputable private security outfit for school security service is necessary if you must have a peaceful and secure high school sporting event.

If you aren’t sure you want security at every game, at least make sure you have professionals on these big game days: 

  • Rivalry games: Professional security while the home team plays its biggest rival is beneficial for numerous reasons. Firstly, it ensures the safety of players, staff, and spectators, maintaining a peaceful environment and preventing potential incidents. Secondly, it can act as a deterrent to unruly behavior, fostering a better atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the game.

  • Playoffs, District, and State Championship games: When tensions are running high, and all teams involved want to perform at their best, having added security at the event can ease some of the worry. Plus, these big events get crowded and benefit from traffic control, bag checking, and crowd monitoring. 

Freshmen Orientation

It’s common practice for schools to host orientation events for freshmen to ease their transmission from middle to high school. This event is marked with different activities and involves a crowd. With high school security, you can have a peaceful and successful orientation ceremony and give the impression that your institution values human safety.

Need High School Security Guards Near the Twin Cities?

At Unparalleled Security, we cover school security, which can be tailored to match any school event. Beyond this, we provide other security services for different events.

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