What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

Any business that trivializes security does that to its detriment. It’s, therefore, paramount that you put every measure in place to ensure that you address any potential security threat facing your business.

If you have businesses in the Twin Cities, part of the measures you can adopt to ensure the smooth running of your business is the deployment of trained security guards to your business locations. At Unparalleled Security, we pride ourselves on providing professionally trained security guards to man your businesses.

Basically, our security guards will help you with two important security issues: deter threats and respond to any security issues when they arrive. However, there are some limitations to security guards’ operational jurisdiction, and our security experts will explore them in this piece.

What Security Guards Can Do

If you’re wondering what security guards can do, they are pointed out below.

1. Remove you from a private property

Security guards have the right to remove you from a private property if you trespass. This is part of the jobs of construction site security guards, building security guards, and events security guards.

2. Can Perform a Citizen’s Arrest

Under certain circumstances, security guards can make an arrest but do not have any other power to prosecute the matter more than the arrest. They often make this arrest and wait for the law enforcement agencies to arrive for a handover. Anything outside this basic arrest falls outside the powers of security guards.

3. Can Request a Physical Search

Gaining entry into some places requires that safety precautions be taken. Conducting a physical search is part of such precautionary measures. Therefore, security guards have the right to perform a physical search on you with your consent.

4. Carrying Weapons

Security guards can carry firearms that can be used to apprehend someone committing a crime. However, when it comes to weapons, most companies that hire security guards do not allow them to have them. A security guard must abide by the state’s gun regulations if they must be allowed to carry weapons.

5. Refuse You Entry

This is another thing security guards can do. For instance, if you come to an event, uninvited security guards reserve the right to deny you entry.

What Security Guards Can’t Do

Here are what security guards can’t do.

1. Search You without Your Consent

Security Guards cannot conduct a physical search on you without your consent unless you are suspected of a crime.

2. Can’t Use Unbridled Force

Security guards do not have any right to use excessive force on you for any reason. Our professional security guards understand this aspect of their job and conduct themselves according to the approved code of conduct we make available to them.

3. Detain people for an unlimited amount of time

Security guards do not have to detain people indefinitely. They do not have such rights. If a situation demands that one be detained, our trained security guards are meant to call in the law enforcement personnel to take up the matter.

Don’t Wait! Hire Security Guards Today

Our years of experience in providing security for businesses in the Twin Cities and our detailed approach to training security guards prepare our security guards for every security situation.

At Unparalleled Security, we have security guards that can sniff out security threats on time, even before they happen. Our processes are seamless, and you can get a booking today. You can also call us at 651-300-1515 or via the contact form.

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