School Security Tips for Students and Teachers
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School Security Tips for Students and Teachers

Students and teachers are integral parts of any school establishment. They make up 70% of the school population, and as such, there is a need for every school establishment to seek ways to provide school security tips for them.

While it may be unpleasant to think about, there are many threats that children and faculty face while at school. Different school districts have their own approaches to managing on-site security, but it’s important for all schools to teach basic safety tips to students and teachers.

School security tips are a set of critical security information or lessons that may improve what students and teachers know about security or provide valuable safety lessons for them.

In our bid to provide school security services for schools in the Twin Cities, our school security pros at Unparalleled Security have got you covered on the best school security tips for students and teachers. Let’s check them out!

Offer Road Safety Lessons

Both teachers and students need road safety lessons to keep themselves safe, especially if your school is in an area with heavy traffic. Road safety tips may involve things such as how to cross the road properly, what not to throw or leave on the road, common ways to report road mishaps, etc.

Providing these tips will always keep your students and teachers vigilant because they are conscious of road safety measures and know the first step to take if there is an emergency.

Have a Working Fire Alarm System

Ensuring that you have a working fire alarm system is one of the ways to keep your students and teachers safe. But it does not stop there. You should hire security professionals to teach them what to do immediately after the emergency fire alarm sounds.

Teach the Workings of Safety Systems

When budgeting for school safety systems, there should be budgetary coverage for upgrading the schools’ safety systems. These safety systems might include exit signage, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, etc.

Your teachers and students should know each function and what to do if an emergency requires immediate evacuation of students and teachers from the school premises.

 Although emergencies such as this may require the involvement of school security guards, your students and teachers should also be aware of what they are expected to do in such situations.

Provide Emergency Numbers at Strategic Places

The school authority should display emergency numbers where necessary for teachers and students to call when their safety is threatened. For example, these numbers could be from the nearest local police, school security guard service, or ambulance service.

Have a Security Plan for Events

School events are an excellent way to bring parents, teachers, students, and the community together. Whether it’s high school sporting games or fundraisers and everything else, you want to keep these events safe for all who attend.

It’s important for administrators and other faculty to establish security plans for all events. Some things to consider when planning security for school events include:

  • Hiring security guards to patrol parking lots or the event itself.

  • Ensuring that all entrances and exits are watched by security guards of faculty.

  • Checking that all fire alarms are in good condition.

  • Having evacuation routes established.

Learn more about school events that can benefit from security guards.

Hire School Security Guards

While hiring security guards for special events is crucial to protecting students and attendees, school security guards for daily threats are also a wise idea. With threats from both people at the school and random citizens becoming sadly more common, on-site security guards act as a deterrent and keep students and faculty safer.

When you partner with Unparalleled Security, you can trust that we vet our school security guards closely. We understand that anyone working in a school must be trained and trustworthy, so learn more about qualifications for security guards.

What School Security Guards Can & Can’t Do

Many people, especially parents, will have questions about what security guards can and can’t do. While security guards provide extra protection, they are not police. They don’t have the power to arrest anyone. Instead, they are mostly there to surveil, deter, and act quickly to alert other authorities if needed.

It’s also important to note that most security guards are unarmed. However, armed security guards are a possibility for some schools when they feel it’s necessary. Armed security guards go through extra training and must pass extensive background checks.

In Minnesota, armed guards are usually not allowed at schools themselves but can be hired for other events. Instead, schools often rely on school resource offers for on-site police services.

Protect Your Students & Teachers with Unparalleled Security

At Unparalleled Security, we offer a comprehensive school security guard service for schools of any scale. We ensure that our school security protocols are tailored to your needs and budget. Keeping your students and faculty safe is a top priority, so partner with our highly trained security teams in the Twin Cities.

Learn more by calling 651-300-1515 or booking a session with one of our experts using our contact form.

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