What Does the Future of School Security Look Like?
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What Does the Future of School Security Look Like?

With the various threats happening worldwide, schools now have to take different approaches to upgrade their security. School protocols vary depending on the geography, type of school, and other outside factors, so finding a one-size-fits-all security system can be challenging.

Great options are available that will create a safer student environment, so let's look at our top four recommendations.

Video Surveillance

One key feature of advanced security systems in schools is video surveillance systems. Because students and faculty know they need to be accountable, the cameras can help discourage vandalism, bullying, theft, and other types of misconduct throughout the school day or at planned events.

Video surveillance also offers an advantage because of the real-time feed in the various sections of the school, allowing the monitors to respond if anything suspicious occurs in the vicinity, record the activity, and get it addressed right away.

Building Security

It’s often questioned whether security guards benefit schools, but it's been proven that they can be safeguards against violence. They provide an on-site presence where they can respond quickly to bullying, offer assistance in emergencies, and offer a sense of ease and calm, letting the students stay focused on their education and worry less about their safety.

Safety Training

The ability of students and faculty to react is only as strong as the awareness and training they have been given, and helping prepare them can make a difference. Schools need multiple levels of support, from managing emergencies to dealing with harassment and bullying.

The more training there is, the better-informed individuals are, and they will know what steps to take if a potentially dangerous situation arises.

Enhanced Access Measures

One of the best methods to prevent dangerous situations is by limiting accessibility and enhancing classroom security. Schools are now implementing control systems that only allow access to designated individuals like staff members and scheduled visitors via access cards, key fobs, and keypads.

They're also going as far as installing heavy-duty security doors that can help protect individuals from unwelcome intruders, severe weather, and even fires. The doors have automatic locks that can only be opened via app or with a designated key and are heavy-duty enough that they cannot be broken down easily.

Unparalleled Security: Your Experts in Streamlined Security Solutions

The threats have changed through the years, and now, more schools than ever are taking extra precautions to keep their faculty and students safe.

Enhancing your system with on-site guards can be one of your best options for reducing risks in any educational setting, and Unparalleled Security provides expert security solutions in the Twin Cities. Safety is our top priority, and we offer many different services to meet our client's needs.

To get started, you can contact us online or reach out to our office at 651-300-1515 today.

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