The Biggest Security Threats at a Hotel or Resort
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The Biggest Security Threats at a Hotel or Resort

Hotels are built for relaxation and comfort and should be well-secured. However, there are times when hotels are overrun with visitors, resulting in high demand for accommodation. This situation raises the security risks hotels may have to contend with. Hence, knowing some of these biggest threats to a hotel or resort is very important for hotel managers and visitors.

In this post, the security experts at Unparalleled Security have put together the most frequent security risks that hotels encounter. Go through them below.

1. Unauthorized Visitors

It can be very challenging in a hotel to keep track of everyone. Numerous guests come to make a booking, inquire, or wait for friends lodged in the hotel. It can be challenging to distinguish who is authorized to be there from who is not.

To keep unauthorized guests out and ensure they don't pose a security threat, it's crucial to update your security procedures. For example, you can effectively monitor the building by placing hotel security guards at the entrances and updating your surveillance technology.

2. Theft

In hotels, theft can be a security issue if not tackled decisively. Visitors may sneak into other people's rooms, grab things, and walk away. Fortunately, enhancing hotel security can aid in preventing theft.

In other words, theft at your hotel can also be tackled with effective surveillance and trained security personnel who act as both deterrents and protective measures. Also, consider updating your security system as well. The latest technology will offer fresh approaches to monitor your hotel property effectively.

In addition, we can offer professional advice on the best places to mount your security cameras to ensure optimum visibility.

3. Parking Lot Robbery

You should think about theft in your parking spaces and inside the hotel. Since many guests leave their vehicles unattended for extended periods, hotel parking lots and parking garages are extremely vulnerable to theft. Also, people are more likely to break into automobiles and steal if security guards do not monitor parking lots.

Therefore, you should conduct appropriate surveillance in your parking lots to safeguard your visitors' vehicles and personal belongings. In addition to using security cameras to monitor your hotel parking lot, consider hiring private security guards whose presence can scare away criminals from your hotel.

4. Unruly Conduct

Many people see hotels as a temporary abode and feel they can behave the way they like and get away with it. This type of hotel guest might damage your property, wreck items, or get into fights with other visitors. These dangers only increase if your hotel contains a bar.

Having enough security measures in place is crucial to deal with unruly visitors. To avoid any major harm to your property, hotel security guards can assist in ending any disputes or erratic behavior as soon as they occur.

5. Safety Issues

While this might seem like a worst-case scenario, there's always a risk of safety emergencies. Fires or severe weather can quickly turn a seemingly safe environment into a hazardous one, especially when you have multiple guests without emergency protocol training.

To navigate this, make sure your staff understands the processes and what is expected of them in emergencies, but also have an outline with clear instructions on how to support guests. Private security officers can help and will be trained in the correct procedures to keep employees and guests safe throughout the experience.

6. Cyberthreats

Cyber threats have been a massive headache for the hospitality industry for years, and hackers are getting better at their jobs. They're targeting not only the executives and business owners but also the guests and employees; in some cases, it's as easy as connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi and stealing information from the devices.

Hotels are now implementing track-and-trace mobile apps that can verify when guests have been in their rooms to reduce the risk of identity fraud. Upping training for cybersecurity and implementing new measures to strengthen employee and guest data protection via firewalls and encrypted payment and personal information, reducing the risk of identity theft and you being held liable. 

Beef Up Your Minneapolis-St. Paul Hotel Security Now

These are just a few scenarios that can call for extra security measures, and at Unparalleled Security, we can help you avert any security threat at your hotel or resort. We are St. Paul's premier provider and tailor our security services to fit your demands.

Get started today with an online consultation and tell us about your security challenges, or reach out to our Minneapolis office at 651-300-1515.

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