7 Businesses That Should Have Security Guards for Protection
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7 Businesses That Should Have Security Guards for Protection

There’s no denying that businesses of all sizes run best in secure environments. When safety and security are prioritized, every aspect of your organization is more in tune. That’s why large corporations and small businesses alike in the Twin Cities area are seeking alternative security measures in light of increasing criminal activity.

Depending wholly on local law enforcement for the security of your business just isn’t enough in many circumstances. Consequently, the need for security guards to protect businesses against threats reestablishes the importance of working with private security companies.

From commercial security services for all types of businesses to executive protection for important personnel, Unparalleled Security has what it takes to provide professional security services for businesses across Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro.

This post is meant to help you assess whether your business needs professional security services. Give us a call at 651-300-1515 if you’d rather speak to someone in person!

Myth: Only Large Corporations Need Professional Security

Despite the obvious need for Twin Cities businesses to partner with security guards, there has been confusion over what types of businesses really need security guards for protection. It’s not just the large corporations that can benefit from security – and when you choose us, it can be affordable!

Unparalleled Security tailors security services to your needs, whether you are looking for short or long-term solutions and one security guard or many. We’ll do an assessment of your property and consider your budget before providing recommended security solutions.

Security Guards: What Do They Represent?

Corporations, banks, airports, retail stores and malls, schools, nightclubs, events and festivals, and a variety of other businesses frequently hire security guards to enforce law and order. Having a security professional on-site safeguards property and people by preventing unlawful or improper behavior.

Depending on the security needs of a business, security guards are frequently called upon to monitor surveillance systems, patrol the premises, secure access and exit points, conduct identity checks, and provide assistance to visitors and workers.

While they are licensed to carry out some security operations, security guards are not affiliated with the local police department, and their jurisdiction is usually limited. Security guards may be armed or unarmed, depending on whether they have the required weapon license.

Businesses That Need Security Guards

The rate of crime is on the rise as the years roll by. In early 2022, US News reported that the rise in crime in the Twin Cities area has led to a call to beef up public security. This is a sign that the service of security guards has become a business necessity.

Here are some examples of business properties with a strong need for security guards in the Twin Cities.

1. Construction Sites

During construction, the site can stay half-built for long periods of time. This makes these areas a prime target for vandalization or other less-than-savory behaviors. So, to keep your property secure and to deter issues during the building process, security guards are a great help.

2. Events

Large events pose specific security risks. A concert venue, for example, hosts hundreds to thousands of people at once. Even in the best situations, many people are at a higher risk for criminal behavior or health issues. Security guards can monitor your event, whether it’s a large gala, concert, or any other large gathering. Learn more about event security here.

3. Hotels

With many people coming and going from hotels, you'll want to ensure that customers and employees are protected. Issues such as stealing or threats to staff are a concern. Generally, it's wise to have security guards around the premises who can react to threats swiftly and help contact the police.

4. Retail

It’s common for retail stores to be targets for shoplifters. So, if you want to deter this behavior, security guard patrols are wise. Whether your retail store is in a mall, strip mall, or standalone locations, our trained security guards will provide protection from vandalism, shoplifting, and more.

5. Offices

While you might not worry much about security at your office building, many threats can arise. From break-ins in the parking lot to threats from hostile termination situations, security guards can keep everyone safe. Our certified staff will protect your property and your employees, so everyone can feel at ease while at work.

6. Vacant Properties

Whether it’s a commercial business or residential home, vacant properties are perfect targets for criminal behavior. With no one around, these buildings can become places where people vandalize, steal, or destroy property. But, with help from Unparalleled Security, your property will be protected even when not in use.

7. Warehousing/Manufacturing

Factories and warehouse buildings hold many goods and products, so you'll want to keep these items protected. At Unparalleled Security, we offer patrol services for the surrounding property and other security guard services to keep your employees and your products safe.

Why Your Business Needs Security Guards

You and your employees have enough to worry about on a daily basis. Let other professionals handle your security. Our security guards are trained to do all of the following:

  • To safeguard your merchandise from theft or damage.
  • To protect against criminals and suspicious activity.
  • To keep an eye on company assets and property.
  • To safeguard people in and around your facilities.
  • To be customer service ambassadors to your business, whether manning a front door or controlling access to an area.

Check out more benefits of booking a security guard at your business!

Considering Hiring Security Guards for Your Business?

You do not have to wait until your business falls prey to a security threat before hiring professional guards. Booking professional security services with Unparalleled Security makes it easy for you to be on top of any security situation at your Twin Cities business.

We offer a wide range of professional security services that can be tailored to fit any type of business in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Get in touch with us today at 651-300-1515 or through our online contact form.

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