Securing Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Protecting Exhibitors & Attendees

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With the resurgence of in-person events, ensuring safety and security has become a top priority for organizers. The excitement of face-to-face encounters and the buzz of networking often overshadow the crucial aspect of ensuring safety for both exhibitors and attendees.

What Employers Can Do to Improve Workplace Safety in 2024

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As you make plans, budgets, and goals for your business in 2024, remember updated security measures to increase workplace safety! Most businesses and facilities need to invest in workplace safety, as you want to ensure that your employees, visitors, and customers feel secure. Otherwise, they want to avoid going to work or frequenting your business.

Residential Security Threats to Be Aware of This Winter

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Wintertime is filled with many joyous activities and holidays, but while it might mean gathering with loved ones, there are some security threats to remember. During the winter, you must consider the weather, theft, cybersecurity, and more. Ensure you keep yourself and your property safe this winter by knowing about potential threats and how to deter them!

Hospital Security: Protecting Patients, Staff, & Visitors

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If you’re in charge of a hospital, you know it’s important that all the patients, staff, and visitors feel safe when they walk through the doors. While it’s unfortunate to think about, there are many situations where unwanted visitors might try to get into a hospital, so it’s vital to have security around to keep anything bad from happening.

Security Technology for Event Safety: From Surveillance Systems to Access Control

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When planning big events or even small but important gatherings, event organizers are bustling with budgeting, scheduling performances, organizing sponsors, finding accommodations, and a million other tasks. Event security might be low down on their list of must-dos, but security firms are acutely aware of the necessity of a well-managed security protocol.