Do You Need a Bodyguard? 5 Types of People Who Might

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While it’s easy to think that only the most high-profile individuals need security services, this really isn’t the case. Many individuals can benefit from Minnesota personal security teams, including bodyguards. If you feel unsafe or are worried about protecting your event or business, the security specialists at Unparalleled Security offer comprehensive bodyguard protection. 

4 High School Events That Should Have Security Guards

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There are many events throughout high school that present potential security issues, from graduation ceremonies to proms to sporting events. Some of these events may involve high traffic and require parents, sponsors, and students to attend. The nature of these events requires the presence of security guards to protect human lives and properties from any threat.

Securing Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Protecting Exhibitors & Attendees

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With the resurgence of in-person events, ensuring safety and security has become a top priority for organizers. The excitement of face-to-face encounters and the buzz of networking often overshadow the crucial aspect of ensuring safety for both exhibitors and attendees.