Residential Security Threats to Be Aware of This Winter
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Residential Security Threats to Be Aware of This Winter

Wintertime is filled with many joyous activities and holidays, but while it might mean gathering with loved ones, there are some security threats to remember.

During the winter, you must consider the weather, theft, cybersecurity, and more. Ensure you keep yourself and your property safe this winter by knowing about potential threats and how to deter them!

The security professionals at Unparalleled Security in the Twin Cities have put together this guide on residential security threats for the holiday season.

Most Common Residential Security Threats

While home invasions and other residential security problems can happen anytime, winter and the holidays can entice more criminal behavior.

Here are some frequent security concerns we see happen, especially around the months that should be the most festive.  


It's probably not a huge surprise to many that theft is a concern during the holiday season, given that one of the most famous holiday movies is about burglary. Because many people travel around the holidays, empty homes become targets for thieves and criminals.

There’s also the fact that the increase in gifts and other desirable objects can entice people to break in.

Car Theft

Along with home burglaries, vehicle thefts and break-ins are other concerns during the winter. Criminals might look inside the windows for gifts or prized electronics, and if they see something they like, they’re more apt to break in and steal your stuff.

Uninvited Guests

Winter is a favorite time of year to gather friends and loved ones to celebrate holidays and enjoy company as the dark months descend. However, sometimes, those gatherings entice party crashers, uninvited guests, and even criminals looking for an easy score, with all the revelry acting as a good distraction.

The bigger the event, the more your home may require protection from unwanted visitors.

Protect Your Minnesota Property This Winter

While it’s stressful to think about your stuff getting stolen, people breaking into your home, or even unwanted visitors showing up unannounced, there are some ways to reduce the risk factors.

Install Security Cameras

Many security cameras are affordable and stream directly to your phone, so you have peace of mind even when you’re out of town or throwing a party.

Increase Outdoor Lighting

Poorly lit areas make your home and yard look more appealing to potential burglars, so invest in more lights, including motion sensor options.

Invest in Residential Security

If there’s been a string of robberies or you feel you need special protection for any reason, a bodyguard or residential security team can give you that extra sense of security.

Security Team

 Hire Private-Party Security

When planning a celebration, consider hiring a specialized security team for your private event. It will boost the security of your guests and ward off those who may attempt to crash it.

Look Out for Your Home & Property This Winter

Worried about your home while you're leaving for the holidays? Want assistance protecting your property during the winter? If so, contact the professionals at Unparalleled Security right away. Reach out at 651-300-1515 to learn more about our security options.

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