Emergency Preparedness: Ensuring Mall Safety During Crises
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Emergency Preparedness: Ensuring Mall Safety During Crises

Emergency preparedness is critical, especially in public spaces with bustling activity. Visitors and employees need to know that they can count on being safe and that their time there will be as risk-free as possible. 

Suppose you don't already have a plan for your mall. In that case, the Unparalleled Security team is here with expert recommendations to enhance your preparedness for everything from medical emergencies to natural disasters.

Get a Risk Analysis Done

Risks are just part of life, and to develop an effective emergency plan, you must take the time to do a risk assessment. This means looking for potential hazards like fires, vulnerable geographical factors, or even where chemicals are stored, then evaluating their impact and how to mitigate the impact if a disaster occurs.

Establish Emergency Response 

Your emergency response can help save lives, so designate a team with specific roles if something arises. Choosing first aid responders, experienced evacuation coordinators, and people to support communication will give you a solid foundation if a worst-case scenario happens and you have to act fast.

Have an Evacuation Plan

Natural disasters and unexpected outside threats from criminals happen, and in the event you need to evacuate your mall, you need to have routes set up to be as organized as possible. Make sure that the areas are easily accessible for customers and employees, well-lit, and not obstructed. Have maps in place, and ensure you stay on top of regular training with your employees so they are prepared if the property needs evacuating.

Reinforce Your Alert and Communication Systems

Communication is everything, especially when an emergency occurs, so make sure that your emergency instructions and alerts are set up and ready to go. Include emergency alarms, enhanced security tech, digital signage, and intercom systems so that employees know the protocols, support your security staff, and keep everyone safe.

Have a Plan Set With Authorities

Having armed or unarmed guards on site can be a big part of keeping your mall safe, but you also want to have a relationship with local emergency response teams. Once you have coordinated a plan, work with the authorities so they can see the layout of your property if they have to respond to an emergency. If possible, conduct training exercises with them to take extra measures.

Enhance Your Mall Security With Experts in the Business

An effective emergency plan can reduce the risk of major liabilities, so stay on top of increasing your preparedness by improving your response methods. 

Hiring security can help mitigate some risks, and Unparalleled Security delivers when you need the best in the business. Our Twin Cities team not only specializes in loss prevention, but we handle a wide variety of other security tasks you can count on.

To book an appointment, send us a message online or give our Minneapolis office a call at 651-300-1515 today.

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